PSA - Mk2 hoods are apparently not water proof

(TheoSoares) #1

So I spent the weekend ceramic coating my Focus ST, meaning the Mk2 had to be outside the garage for a few nights. Of course, those are the two nights it decides to pour rain in LA (what are the chances?)

I had the car covered and thought nothing of it (it rains a lot in England). This morning went out to start up the Jag and swap cars around to take the Focus to work and found standing water in the plug wells on the head. Turns out water dripped through the chrome trim fasteners and landed directly on the spark plugs.

Ended up having to push the car down the driveway and back to get my other car out as I didn’t want to risk running the engine with wet plugs.

This is the fun of british cars huh!! Is this strip supposed to be water tight??

(Tigger) #2

Yes. At the factory I think a period form of sealant (would be silicone nowadays) but if removed / refitted then the gloop has been missed. Same happens with the boot badges.

(carsoncitysmith) #3

Wasn’t there a layer of rotten jungle monkey fur on the underside of the hood to deaden engine noise and to get sopping wet collecting that rain?

(TheoSoares) #4

Ya know, there is full heat shielding under the hood, but it doesn’t cover the trim screws. If only.

(Lovell) #5

Are your drain holes on the bonnet perimeter lip by the radiator open?

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Had this happen on my ‘66’ ‘S’ many years ago, perimeter drains would have no bearing on this problem.