PUB gone or not

For lack of a better suited place, I am here.

I miss reading and posting on the PUB. It effects my reading pleasure a considerable amount.

And, why because one or two could not obey the rules? so, we who did suffer. the one who did not probably cares less.

I hope this is not a transgression and gets me in Dutch!!

For us in Covid quarantine, it has been fun…

Should I take a sabbatical? I have not decided…




Carl Check your PM’s

Hello Carl,

The Pub will most likely reopen once they have found a new bartender and/or bouncer. :slight_smile:

It has been discussed under the “Site Feedback”.

I feel likewise, but last year I avoided it very much, as ever since the US election was closing in and the COVID-19 pandemic got worse it was not always pleasant.

Not looking at subjects that might turn your stomach over was key. And should be especially for those who were about to burst out anyways.

Take care!


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Thanks, Pekka, for the enlightenment! I wasn’t even aware so much had been going on there! At least I can imagine well that external input, the temper of some of our contemporaries combined with the fact you don’t see eye-to-eye and can’t calm down together over a pint has made the pube unviable.


trust us, we all admire your stamina at your age, living alone and still maintaining house and lawn, cars and mower! Whenever you feel like needing someone for your reading and writing pleasure, let us be the guys hanging out at the bar and happy to join you for a drink and a story of days gone by! Very seriously.

Unfortunately, it is a bit in the line of our time that it is sometimes hard to hold the spoil sports responsible - in many cases the honest guys will be the ones suffering from the lack of responsibility of the others.

Good luck and stay safe


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