Puddle lights/radio

1983 XJ6 VP. notice that puddle lights front doors were glowing and the radio has stopped working. on reading previous threads i looked to the fuses but none appear to be blown. from memory there was a feed to earth that made the lights glow. now i have noticed the rear puddle lights are not working but door switches are. interior light buttons on dash produce a half glow on “b” pillar lights and on off on puddle lights. as i only have one working arm i am finding it difficult looking for the fault. i am sure it was only a fuse somewhere that caused a similar problem. any ideas?


oK now sitting in the car with engine running the puddle lights on hard with both interior light switches depressed every 10 seconds they both turn off for a second then back on. with one interior light switch in the depressed position they both glow half brilliance. nether light on the “b” pillar lights at any stage now.

Are the seat belt warning lights working as they should, Col…? There is a reason for asking…:slight_smile:

basically, the puddle lights are powered at all times, and is wired to all come ‘on’ whichever door is opened - with the ign ‘off’? For testing purposes it should make no diffence whether the engine is running or not - it is the position of the ign key that counts…

You likely have the interior light delay relay; the interior lights should come ‘on’ whichever door is opened - remaining lit for 10(?) seconds after all doors are closed. For some reason, the power routing is shown through the seat belt logic unit (US). Your problem may be the delay relay itself, but there is also a blocking diode, preventing power feedback to the relay. The diode may have failed, though exactly what would then happen I’m not dead sure - but the relay will activate.

Your symptoms are likely caused by something minor - but start with removing the relay, to see what then happens? The interior light switch bypasses the relay, so removing the relay should not disable the interior lights…

However, the wiring varies with model year and market - so my musing may not be gospel…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Thanks Frank, any door brings on all puddle lights, there is no seatbelt warning light and I don’t remember a timer for the lights going off but that said the fact that they flash off after 10 sec. makes me think there is a timer. Any idea where the relay is? Under glove box in side panel? Can not find any blown fuse but radio and aerial have ceased to function.

FIY, there are two fuses involved with the interior lights, one on each fuse panel. If one of the two is burned weird things happen…

The radio has an extra inline fuse under the ski slope.

The delay relay is unknown territory to me, Col - but if ‘something’ happens regularly at 10 seconds, a delay/timer relay seems logical? The seatbelt warning should come on with ign ‘on’ and front seats unoccupied

The radio has an inline fuse behind the radio, as Aristides says - and with no power to the radio, the aerial will not operate. However, #3 fuse serves both the aerial and the interior lights, #2 serves the puddles…so…? It is indeed important to check both fuses and fuse holders are OK - a bad connection may lead to loss of power, and may be intermittent. You initially reported puddle and interior lights ‘glowing’ - any change…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Yes Frank the lights appear to be working as they should only difference is rear puddle light bulbs have been removed but still no radio

To add, Col - there are several permutations of the wiring. But I think you need to extract the radio to verify the in-line fuse/power to the radio. The aerial is raised by powering the ‘ant out’ function - without power to the radio; the aerial remains retracted.

And one cannot completely disregard that the radio has simply failed - and that may be an intermittent fault, or a fluke, that interfered with the puddles and inside lights…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Further to this, fuse 1 left hand fuse block was blown. Although it didn’t look like it and fell into a trap by not pulling it out and checking with test light it had power top and bottom. It seems there is a back feed from the interior lights. Silly little bulbs in the back puddle lights must have a short soon enough removed the fuse is holding and radio is back working. The in-line fuse was intact. Doesn’t appear to be a timer on the lights but there was definitely a 10 sec flash on / off on the puddle lights while fuse 1 was blown. Just need to plug the window/ sunroof etc back into the switches and reinstall the ski slope. Seeing as it took me 10 minutes to undo an in-line fuse and put it together again, it might take some time.
Thanks to all those who helped and I hate Jag.wiring or any DC for that matter.
Thanks again for your help, Col.

Spoke too soon just went to the garage and lights in the “B” pillar are on. Pulled the bulbs and more investigation tomorrow!

It’s progress in any case, Col…

The puddle lights are certainly not on a timer, they are constantly powered, and grounded by the door switches and will light as long as any door is open. However, if one fuse is blown, they may be powered through the other fuse - which may go through a timer, which is, when fitted, related to the interior lights - there is a diode indicated both with and without a delay relay. Car electric problems are demon to pursue, not eased by wiring diagrams varying with model year and market - and with Jaguar not making much effort in updating schematics…

It’s a reason for car electrics being a profession - devious ways were followed to save wiring, making ‘shortcuts’ that defeats the amateur…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Booked into auto electrician on the 8 th of Dec. looks like it will sit for a while

Could it just might be that the rocker switch on the fascia for interior lights is on or possibly stuck in the on position?

While waiting for appointment at auto sparks I just thought I would try again! There is a short across fuse 1 on the left hand side fuse box. Five fuses in that box. Cannot find anything that is not working except the radio. Haven’t been able to remove it yet but this MUST be the problem although it was working for a short time after I replaced the 10 amp fuse. Tomorrow the radio will be removed and see if the short disappears. Must be getting closer!

Is that the fuse box at the glove compartment side, Col - ‘auxiliary’ fuse box…?

83 was a transition year; fuse set up before and after differs - the fuses should be numbered ‘13’ to ‘17’ inclusive, so, which one? The only 10A fuse listed is for the pre-83 LHD anti run-on valve - which you may not have…

Which proves nothing; a PO may have fitted the wrong rated fuse or used it for something else, like the radio(?) - which incidentally may explain problems. As a curio; the anti run-on fuse is powered with ign ‘off’ - and some POs like the radio to stay on with ign ‘off’. But there are many alternatives to radio connection preferences - and most retains the inline fuse behind the radio…so…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Frank the fuse box is under the glovebox marked 13 10am interior light and map lights can’t see one for anti Rubin radio needs to be on accessories or full ignition

Even the IPad is against me. Should be 10 amp. And anti run on.

Ok, more! Radio completely removed. Fault still there. Reading light, puddle lights, interior lights, boot light, door switches removed and the fault is still there! 4.4 ohms top of fuse to earth. Another week until I can get it to auto electrician, at least most covers are off which might save him some time.

Does your car have a interior lights delay relay?
Check with the wiring diagram, maybe this fuse serves more than just the interior lights?

No idea if it has delay relay but while looking at the lights they did flash on off at ten second intervals. Where would the timer be. Most of the dashboard is accessible at the moment.