Puddle lights/radio

More investigation the blue wire that turns into white is the antenna out and with this disconnected the radio turns on and the fuse holds. Therefore the relay or antenna motor looks like the culprit. The relay in the boot so wire directly from positive power to the terminal should raise the mast and power removed should lower? Looks like the mast motor is just connected to earth and opps no two wires so reversed polarity from the relay. Anybody got the colours to and from the relay?

For testing purposes, or even permanently, you can replace the antenna relay with a generic SPDT relay, works the same but without the delay.

Fat purple is permanent +12v : terminal 30
Blue/Red - Blue/White: antenna up/down - terminals 87 and 87A
White: power signal from radio- terminal 86
Black: ground - terminal 85

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Polarity is reversed by a switching mechanism inside the antenna


Not entirely correct Doug.
At whatever moment and position you can reverse the direction of the antenna.
The internal switches just cut the power when the antenna reaches the fully extended or fully retracted position.

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Thanks for the correction. I wasn’t thinking correctly !


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Some time back,. my instinct pointed at the antena!. Still does.

Mine too, thus the suggestion a couple days ago to unplug it.

Well, actually, it wasn’t instinct. It was remembering the Jaguar TSB mentioning a similar problem


Another of life’s mysteries roughly reassembled to drive to auto electrician removed blue/red & blue / white to the motor, relay was working. Connected the motor up and all is working as it should!
It will still go to auto electrician Wednesday

Aristides’ description is correct, Col, and the colors in your picture is present and correct - you could verify that the wires are correctly connected? The numbering of the terminal he gives is the standard - but Jaguar may have used a relay numbered from 1 through 5…

There should be two wires at the motor; blue red, the ‘down’ wire - and blue/white, the ‘up’ wire. Without power on white, radio’s ‘ant out’, the relay stays in default position - and the relay powers the ‘down’ wire (from purple, likely connected to the #13 fuse). With radio ‘on’, relay switches ^purple* power to the ‘up’ wire, raising the antenna. With the antenna fully up or down, internal switches inside the motor turns power off inside the motor. Either the ‘up’ or ‘down’ wire is powered at all times.

To further locate the problem; access motor and disconnect the ‘up’ and ‘down’ wires - if the fuse now holds; the problem is likely in the motor. If the fuse still blows; short in wires or the relay…

The inline fuse powers the radio; the *white/yellow’, is normally powered from the ign switch. Permanent power is sourced from elsewhere - with a specific connection at the radio…

If/when you replace the radio; some are delivered with wires connected to the radio - the colors of those wires are unlikely to be the same as Jaguar wire color scheme. Which means that there might be some work required to find the correct connections…

As an aside; some antenna motors comes with the relay built in, omitting the external relay - purple and white connected directly to the motor…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)