Pulling to one side when braking


  • As expected swapping the shocks did nothing
  • Shocks are made by Boge and CliveR if you still want it when I get around to changing you are wlecome to it
  • I think the trailiing are bushing look ok - see photos
  • The best way I can describe the pulling is a dip then pull to the right. The steering wheel doesn’t snatch.
  • Alignment is great on the freeway. It runs straight with only a light pressure on the steering wheel
  • Front wheel bearings feel great, they are fairly new and I don’t feel any movement in the track rod ends or ball joints.
  • Steering rack mounts look OK, rubber bond looks good
  • Front pads look flush with the rotor - see photos. I’ll get photos of the rears once the endoscope battery charges.

Front pad/rotors

Trailing arm bush photos

Thanks for all the ideas. Yes, I’m probably need to look for a friendly shop with brake test eqt.

If possible, swap the brake calipers: if it’s a brake problem that problem will follow it.

Feel your damper for oil, and examine the suspension opposite the pull. I had a left pull some years back, and it was a front main leak which was being flung on the right disk.

Certainly any contamination may cause a pull to one side. You might also verify your front tires are equally inflated. Of course on a U.S. road with a significant crown there is usually some pull to the right when braking.

Thanks Colin, I doubt it’s worth testing but one of our damper-curious fraternity in the US might be willing to cut it apart to see what’s in there and what went wrong.

Did you find an answer? I’m curious because I had a similar problem yesterday. My car drove fine last weekend but yesterday when I hit the brakes, it pulled to the right. The harder I braked, the more it pulled. I’d only driven a few blocks so I turned around and went home. I found absolutely nothing wrong, fluid levels good, tire pressures good, etc. I rolled the car back and forth by hand and felt nothing wrong.

So I hopped back in and drove it around. Guess what? No more pulling. I guess it was contamination.

Yes. There was a small amount of grease leaking from a hub seal onto the rotor. Replaced the seal, all good.