[PURCHASED] Dunlop 2 1/4” callipers from MK 10

Description: Dunlop mk x 2 1/4” callipers … 4 required … must be in rebuildable condition

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have some available. Where are you located for shipping purposes ?

I’m in Australia
Cheers Danny

OK. I’ll remove calipers, check them out and give a shipping price if not seized . Assume you just need caliper & pistons but not complete assembly ? Adrian in Canada

That would be great yes just the callipers and pistons would be terrific… I don’t expect them to be free I need to pay for them

OK Danny, I’ll get at them tomorrow hopefully, and see what they’re like. Shipping will be costly especially Air Mail, Surface Mail is half the price but takes ages ( with possible delays if going via Suez !!) Adrian

Hi Danny, Just dismantled front brakes and they’re 2 1/8ths not 2 1/4. Mine must be a 420G, sorry about that but they look the same and I’ve had several of both through here during the past couple of years. Adrian

As an aside Danny, the ones I just removed from what now appears to be a 420G, are exactly the same as those on my 1967 Jaguar MK2. I expect MK10 fronts will be the same as early MK2, perhaps this will allow you to broaden your search. Adrian

Danny, have a full set of 2 1/4 piston assemblies.
Located in Melbourne.

Early 3.8 MKX;s had 2.1/8 same as E, MX2

You want to be sure to get it right as there is also a difference in brake discs for early vs late MKX

the hat height and disc thickness (1/2" vs 3/8" ) are not the same

The Factory Parts Manuals call out chassis nums for the brake part differences

I have found many people are not aware of the variations and its easy to get caught

Thanks Adrian l… no issues

Ah good Norm… will contact you off line…

Tanks Tony for the info

Sorry not to be more useful in your search. Good luck with your search. Adrian.

Looks like found a set here in Melbourne… just down the road… well 35 miles :smiley:

Danny, I’m in Thomastown 3074

Do you still operate out of Heidelberg ?as well?
I got you to do my LHD pedals to RHD last year
I’ll ring you tomorrow