[PURCHASED] WTB Mk2 3.4 or 3.8 parts Catalogue

I’m looking for a useable original Mk2 3.4 or 3.8 Parts Catalogue for a reasonable (cheap) price. Torn covers, grease and use stains are okay - Just need all the pages to be present.

I bought the reproduction version in the light blue cover and it’s truly terrible. Blury print and they put 2 pages on each printed page ao it’s tiny and illegible.

Location: USA

Contact information: PM on Jag Lovers

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No one in the US has an original Mk2 parts catalogue they don’t need? Surprised these are so hard to get.

Try looking on eBay. I have purchased several Repair Operations Manuals, Parts Catalogues, and owners manuals for my Jaguars on eBay.


Thanks Paul. I’ve looked at ebay - been looking for ages and can’t find one in the US. I used to see them all the time but now that I need one nothing. It’ always the way :wink:

I just searched eBay for “Jaguar Parts Catalogue” and found what I believe you might be looking for in Alabama. Here’s the eBay link:


Here’s another one that I found searching eBay for “Jaguar Parts Catalogue”.


Hi Paul. I was excited for a second with the Alabama one but that’s for Mk1. The other one is in England so over $111 shipped. Thanks though.

Do you know how to use the “Save this Search” function on eBay? I have several saved searches on eBay for hard to find parts for my Jaguars. When a new listing comes up with the search string that I saved I get an email from eBay alerting me to the new listing. I have purchased dozens of items this way. You should check this out if you don’t already know how to use it. It saves me a lot of time searching and every once in a while I get lucky when a new listing gets posted for something that I had been looking for. :wink:


Yes sir, very good advice. I do use the save-the-search function for stuff. In fact, all 7 of my Jags came from finding them on ebay… them and 90% of the crap in my garage :wink: i spend waaay too much time messing with ebay.


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In the interim, whilst you locate your hard copy, perhaps download the FSM and parts book combo? The resolution is very good and scanned (or similar) from the original manuals. I have one for my e type on my phone and it’s better than the “half pager” parts book that I have, similar to yours, I expect. Also pretty cheap from memory and you can print the pages. Great to have when travelling in any case. Sample below.

I find the SNG Barratt site is pretty good to look parts up.

I have:

  1. Used original 3-ring binder version.
  2. New last version after they fixed the updates and went to hard bound instead of 3 ring binder.
  3. Also have used of that version.
  4. New PROPER reprinted
  5. I can email you a .TIFF or .PDF of a diagram or section if you just have a problem with readability.


I actually found the real thing today… But I agree, the pdf downloaded versions are good. Before I found a legit copy of the S1 XJ12 parts catalogue I found a pdf and had it printed and bound at Office Depot for like $15 bucks.

Once you know the part numbers it’s good but I found while putting together the Mk10 I’m working on that someone else took apart, the parts catalogue was invaluable to figure out hardware and if things were missing or not in an assembly. My Mk2 is in a similar state of pulled-apartness.

Much appreciated but I finally found one.