Purchasing an F-Pace


I have been considering an F- Pace as my future geographical location lends better to an AWD SUV, vice a RWD sports-car. My local dealer is interested in my car and we’ve been looking at what might be available to trade. I’ve driven the F-Pace on test drives on a couple of occasions, (supercharged V6 versions) this is the same engine in my current car and I am comfortable with the power it delivers. Yesterday, I took a test drive of a potential F-Pace. The driving experience was fine. What shocked me, was the lack of interior appointments.

As it turned out this model was a PREMIUM trim model. Leatherette aside the lack of seat-back pocket holders, a rear seat armrest and a lack of rear seat cup holders really detracted from the overall “Jaguar Experience” which I have come to expect/experience from over 19 years of owning and driving Jaguars. The final deal breaker was the the lack of the keyless Entry. After looking at some other models with the sales person it was determined that the PRESTIGE level of trim would give me all the interior appointments which I would expect out of a JAG.

Aside from the Standard equipment on the PRESTIGE level of trim, are there any other optional equipment that should seriously be considered when purchasing an F-Pace? Appreciate any feedback.


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I don’t know if it occurs in the US but here in the UK there is a spate of high value vehicles with keyless entry being stolen in seconds using technology which clones the key from inside the owners house!

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Kurt, I’m just finishing my first year with my '18 20D and have zero regrets. I would say, get the ICTP, the hitch and the roof rails for sure. I easily enjoy 32mpg and higher on the flat open road. This car just keeps on giving!