Push in Plug Wire Distributor Cap

Hello, my S2 6-cylinder has a slight intermittent misfire so I decided it was time to replace the ignition wear items, because I don’t know when they had been replaced by the previous owner. I ordered new cap, rotor, points, condenser from SNG and of course the new cap has screw in terminals. I didn’t know my car has push in spark plug terminals until I went to replace the cap.
So do I convert the car back to screw in terminals or is there a quality cap with push in terminals? The cap on the car now came from somewhere so they must have been available at some time.


I would use push in cap and wires. The screw in I feel are prone to misfire problems.

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It’s your car so you should do whatever you want to do. :smirk:
I like the look of the twist on wires so that is what I have, including the bow tie style twist on connectors for the spark plugs on my 1969 E-Type FHC.


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I can go either way but I would stay with the push in just because I wouldn’t have to convert the plug leads. Although if it is a hassle to find the push in type cap I might as well go back to the original type screw in cap.
I still haven’t found a supplier for the push in type leads.

Thanks for the replies

Hey Mark:

Given your handle this might be near & dear to the heart - order yourself a distributor cap for a TR6. It will have the push-in leads you’re looking for. That’s what I use and they’re easy to source - maybe even at your FLAPS. :sunglasses:

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I still haven’t found a supplier for the push in type leads.

CoolCat Express Corp.?

Get with Mike Frank at CoolCat. I’ve used his 8mm push in wires for years with no problem. Mike is a good source for all things E Type. Go to his page and buy everything is offers. The distributor is available from all the usual’s.

Ah yes, I should have realized the same -or near enough- distributor was used by other cars. I’ve bought from Cool Cat previously when I replaced the ignition warning lamp relay with one of theirs.
A couple of my local club members have TR6s. I’ll get with them and see if anyone has a spare cap while I order one.
Thanks for the replies. You fellows are most helpful.

It never occurred to me to keep a particular style of cap, because of the way it looked: that said, I had to fiddle fart around with so many of those things, that if I never see another one on a car I have to deal with in my lifetime, I’m good!


Well my 1969 E-Type FHC had the twist on cap and wires when I bought it in 2002 and I have seen no reason to change the style in the past 21 years when I replaced the cap and wires over the years. If it ain’t broke then don’t mess with it. :wink:


Well, that’s wonderful! I am pleased that you are happy with them, and are keeping them!

However, back when I was doing this stuff these cars saw 20-30,000 miles or so a year.