Push-in wire Distributor cap

Does anyone know of a distributor cap for a Mk4 or Mk5 6 cylinder, that can accept the modern ‘push-in’ high tension leads?


On the MKV there is no room for that on LHD cars due to the steering column.

MKIV and all RHD cars fine, no problem to use any cap that sits right on the distributor. :+1:


Ps. And the ignition system is always a system, if you change something, you should make sure the coil, the wires, the spark plugs and their gaps and the caps or connectors are as they should be. Unlike the later XK engines, the MKV ignition has no resistance in the spark plug connector, at least mine does not and starts very easily in cold and hot. :slight_smile:

There is no cap for the DVXH distributor that can accept modern push on leads.
The vertical outlet cap for XK120/140 and Mark VII will fit, as they also use a version of the DVX distributor. It has screw on terminals.
I believe that is the only alternative.
But as Pekka says, it won’t really work on LHD cars.

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Thanks Rob. This really locks us into using copper leads which is getting increasingly hard to get. I tried screwing the spikes on the side entry cap into modern wires but it shattered the carbon layer around the central fibre core making it unsatisfactory. I have a top entry with acorns but one cant solder the copper washer to the wire. Am I correct in the assumption that all you guys are still using copper or has someone come up with a modern lead solution.
Regards Mike.

Holden UK have the 7 mm copper core.


I bought a 25 foot spool of 7mm copper core Packard 440 wire and used it on my Mark V and '38 SS.

I think I got it from JC Whitney.
The copper washer is usually attached to the end of the wire by a small brass tapered slotted flat head wood screw (i.e. like a self tapper), at least they are on my XK120.

Same for me, I have a spool of copper wire. I solder the split copper washers to the wire on the distributor end. Just to avoid some rainy night problem.


I think it says “Parkard” although I do like Packards too! :slight_smile: Autocorrect or a freudian slip?


These people have an amazing range of suitable parts.

The Green Spark Plug Company.

Such as:

Thanks for the input guys - looks like copper is harder to get in Australia than US and GB. Will give Green a go.

Their shipping isn’t too bad and the ex-VAT helps to Australia, I have found. It’s always best to order more, as mistakes always happen when making up leads. I forgot to mark Number 1 on my distributor cap, so had to take the rocker cover off and rotate the motor until I had TDC on Number 1. Remembering that Number 1 is at the rear of the motor! :wink:

The side entry cap looks much better than the top entry cap. Your car is RHD?


No, it really is Packard, though the label on the spool is indeed misspelled.

Packard Electric is somehow related to AC-Delco, but I’m afraid I do not know the relationship with the Packard car nor the Hewlett Packard computer.
But I did find this picture of the Russian Tsar’s Packard snowmobile.
Kegresse track_Tsar Nicholas 1917 Packard

And I looked at my XK120 wires and they are Bosch 7mm High Temperature Silicone with Conductive Silicone Core and Silicone Jacket Made in USA.

So with these you don’t need to worry about soldering the ends, just use screws to attach the brass discs like the originals.

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Packard Electric was the company in which the Packard cars were started in the late 1800s. Packard’s electric business continues strongly today with continued automotive interests.


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