Putting a Locking Hood Strut on a Pre-'93

I was looking over again the fitment for hoods struts on Superblack, having recently discovered that if an XJS is manuf in 2/92 or later it should have the locking hood strut (on the left/driver’s side) on it. XJSes before then get two NON-locking struts, instead. Checking Superblack’s manuf. date, which was 9/91, I do have the correct replacements on her, both being nonlocking. I got to wondering though, would there be any problem with installing a locking on her driver’s side, or did Jag change the “hood strut geometry” of the cars in 2/92 as well? :confused:

I think they did change the geometry, going with a shorter hood strut. However, you can buy such strut locking devices online; they are sold as a cheap fix for dead struts of all sorts.

Why don’t you go for the Honda Accord struts as outlined in my Book?

Not the one I had in mind, but the same idea. Scroll down to see the different sizes offered. I dunno what length is needed for an XJ-S.