Putting in a new shift solenoid

Can anyone point me in the direction of a diagram or some other information that tells me which specific solenoid is shift solenoid #1 ? I’m going to guess it’s the first one lol but from which side of the open pan inside the transmission Thank you in advance .

Not sure what transmission you have, but if it’s the ZF 4HP24 this may help:

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maybe electrically test them, to see if one is open circuit, (no resistance)

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It is that trans actually so I will verify and get back to you on the result

Yeah I mean I would do that if I have to go to that extent but if I could get a diagram of which is #1 rather than having to do that it’d be easier. No to mention I drove around with a scan tool plugged in and if I’d clear the code shift solenoid 1 wasn’t a problem for about 45 seconds to a minutes then It would be a problem again, limp mode hard shift, no more than ten mph.Not to mention I’ve had that code (p078.)))and issues prior to this and they went away, so my guess is either the solenoid was sticking or was on its way out before. Either way tho I’ll figure out which ones which soon.

Pull up the wiring diagram and you’ll know which one is solenoid 1 by checking what color wires are feeding it.

For the XJS, its Fig.26

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Thank you for the information. Going now to change out the valve cover gasket and solenoid. Let you know how it goes.