Quality Green E10 LEDs for center console?

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #1


As the title says, I’m looking for a source for quality leds for the center console (battery, oil, etc indicators).

Superbright seems to only have white.

Anyone know a good place in the US?


(Bill 1970 S2 DHC) #2

I just did this. First I tried the single green E10 LED’s, not good.
Then I tried these.

Very happy with the results. But I did need to grind down the corners slightly to get some of them to fit. They are from China in case you care.

(69 FHC ) #3

Did you fit them inside the factory green filters?

(Bill 1970 S2 DHC) #4

Yes inside the filters. I did not want to rip the gauges apart to remove the filters.

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #5

Thanks. Can you detail a bit more the grinding required?

(Bill 1970 S2 DHC) #6

They are made from 5 small circuit boards soldered together to make a cube. They could’ve put the edges a little closer together. There was a slight interference when trying to insert them down the metal pipe on the back of the instruments. I had ordered 10 and some fit without problems. The corners ofthe led’s don’t do anything, so I went to a grinding wheel and took off maybe a quarter to a half a millimeter . Then they slid in without binding.

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #7

Very helpful, thanks!

I’ll order those today!