Quality Issues with the early 1988-1989 cars

As we all have been told that the earlier XJ40 cars are not quite as reliable as the later Ford owned vehicles, it’s time to ask the community to chime in to what those earlier issues really were. Besides the faulty digital dashes and the real SLS suspension(on equipped models), what other issues seem to plague the early cars specifically? The reason for my post is that i’ve watched several documentaries on Youtube put out by reputable sources that showed how Jaguar spend at least a half of a billion dollars on quality control BEFORE the car was even launched to ensure it would not be plagued by the negative reputation for quality of prior Jaguar cars. So what happened? What could Ford ownership accomplish that Jaguar Ltd. couldn’t?

Head gaskets at 100,000mls

Hardly a quality issue?

Well they improved the head gaskets for later cars.

Sure. Impressive…