Quality of reproduction parts

I finally broke down and purchased a set of upper door chrome pieces with the rubber seals that come in contact with the window. My car still has its originals and they are pretty scratched.

What bugs me is the new set doesn’t have countersunk holes for the front and rear bends that attach them. I know it’s a super minor point, but if you are going to reproduce a part, why not go all the way? Obviously they are saving money, but compared to the overall cost to manufacture, how much could deleting that step really make in terms of price?

I haven’t looked at mine in a long while but I think there are actual depressions in them, not just countersunk drilling. It’s not really thick enough for that. If you have a set of hole punches, you can probably just pick a very small one and gently tap over the hole with a block of wood behind. Figure out first which size sheet metal screw you need based on the size of the existing holes in the door. Then countersink to fit that screw’s head.

Despite the different holes, I tried to fit both sides to the car this weekend. Not even close. I guess these cars were more ‘hand built’ than I gave them credit for. The originals fit like a glove, so I decided to get them rechromed. I know of a good shop recommended to me in the Carolinas. They quoted me $100 a piece for triple show chrome. What a deal considering the really bad repops are $140 a piece. Live and learn I guess.