Quarterlight reassembly screws

Can anyone tell me what screws are used in the three different positions on the quarterlights shown in the photo? My guess so far is 3BA slotted raised countersunk chrome, and possibly 4BA slotted raised countersunk chrome.

Is there any supplier for these sizes known?

Thanks, Roger


My 2012 notes state that these are chromed 3BA x 1/4" CSK slotted. I also wrote down that these screws have not been listed in the SPC.
Also found a note that 3BA x 1/4" is almost identical to M4 x 6:

  • 3BA measures 4.09 mm in diameter and the pitch is 0.73 mm
  • M4 has a diameter of 4.0 mm and a pitch of 0.70 mm.
    So if no more 3BA’s are available, you may change-over to SS M4’s (I know I’m swearing now according some “purists”… but it’s a solution).

Bob K.

H Roger…have a look at SNGB BD4899 quarterlight screws iv used them on my E type but it says suitable for mk7/9 plus others but disnt mention 140 they are i think 8-36 x 1/4 Steve

GWR Fasteners in Oswestry do lots of BA screws and may have what you want, if you draw a blank elsewhere.

Thanks all, they are indeed 3BA. Odd number BA fasteners are getting quite hard to find - I’ve used GWR and BA Bolts a lot over the years but they don’t do chrome raised countersunk. David Manners has the latch plate ones, so I’ll investigate some of your suggestions to sort the top pivot screws. Need to be careful not to damage the threads on the pivots, as new ones are over £300!