Question about 2001 xj8 engine bay cleaning

the 2001 i bought the engine bay is really dirty. i did cleaner and water on my 2004 xtype, and moisture settled in around the coil paks, caused a problem for few days. thankyou for any advice to clean it.

Advise from Jaguar!!
600-02 Pressure Washing.pdf (26.8 KB)

Thanks for posting that TSB, Motorupman. btw, you seem to be posting more frequently of late … hopefully that means you’re getting close to fully “mended”? :pray: :smile:

I have good dexterity of the right hand but lack strength/grip after my stroke.
I am back to typing with both my index fingers so I’m OK with that.(I hit what I aim for instead of the ‘toddler wobble’ I had a few months ago)

I can work the mouse as normal now.


Very good, Motor :+1: … Well, some weight or Isometric work should help you with the strength issue … Did they advise you try something like squeezing a small hard rubber ball in your palm and holding it for a 10-count? Bodybuilders/weightlifters also have those things that look like a nutcracker that has a spring-loaded tension in it - you squeeze the two handles together in your hand as tightly as you can and hold for 10 as well. :man_lifting_weights:

Here’s the ticket:

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I went to therapy for a while and was given a rubber ball for ‘squeezing’.
Just going to take a while.