Question about license plate bracket

(Peter) #1

Can anyone provade me with a picture of how the license plats bracket is mounted.
Found some ”flippeble” on ebay but what the point with that, is it to avoid the license plats to restrict the airflow to the radiator?
As you can see in the picture I only have a slot but no holes for the bracket, so I need to see where the holes should be drilled.
After have read some other threads about this I assume that the bracket and rod for flipping the bracket is original but can’t figure out how this is supposed to work.

I would have prefeared to have a decal on the bonnet but its not allowed in Sweden.

(69roadster) #2

(Erica Moss) #3

The two holes go right at the front edge of the lower lip. Hold the bracket up so that the rod is aligned with the slotted pivot rod hole and mark the two points where the bracket pivot needs to go. I’d first run my fingers along the inside of that lip to try and find the filler. They’ve most likely just been bondoed up at some point.

Weird that you already have a hole…maybe two on the upper surface of the lower mouth lip. Maybe someone mounted a custom bracket there at some point.

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #4

I believe the ‘flip’ (retraction) is to allow the bonnet to open without the plate hitting the ground.

In addition to the mechanism there is a grommet fitted to the long hole.

Sorry, can’t show it installed, mine stays on the shelf for the next owner.

(David Norton) #5

Here is what you are looking for, it has instructions for making the mounting brackets:

Front license plate holder to bonnet attachment

(Peter) #6

Perfekt, now I understand.
Thank you for the info.