Question about rebuilding BW66 trans....?

Has anybody here undertaken the job of rebuilding their Borg Warner 66 automatic transmission?

My Jeep transmission has no reverse and even after I tightened the band it doesn’t work, so I thought I’d inquire see if it’s relatively simple to rebuild or something you need a whole bunch of special tools for.

Try this Paul

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Thanks, Geoff!! I’ll study this and see if it has any clues.

Thanks, this is the manual to get, all I had was 60 loose screenshots which I can finally replace with this pdf!

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Glad to be of help. My days of bw 65/66 repair are over but I do have fond memories of lying on my back and lowering the one in my series 2 down on my chest to remove it many years ago. Then reversal for reinstalling it! What fun.

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I tried tightening the band: no joy, on the stands.

I think Ill wait till i can drive it a but, and see if heat and exercise frees up…sumthin!

Like I said before. Burnout!:smiling_imp:

Why not just get another one?? Sounds complicated to rebuild if you don’t have experience?? It’s a lot of work takin out laying on your back and if it still don’t work then that’s when it becomes a pain in the old neck lol have you thought about a rebuilt one or second hand??wiggles

Oh, I was just toying with the idea: I have no great desire to learn how to rebuild an auto, this late in the game.

It looks to be about $800 for a pro shop to rebuild it, so likely how I’ll go.m, if driving it doesn’t miraculously loosen up when used.

Are you sure it’s actually going into reverse and not neautral. Like going slowly from park to drive to see anything happens? ??

Why not get a Tremec T-5?

That clicking action is from a detent inside the transmission, the selector valve is linked to it directly, so probably not…

A ‚new‘ one should run less than $800?
As long as you’re clean you can do about everything with the transmission but if the fault finding chart still gives band wear and such things you are not dismantling the entire thing, and you can still check it out with compressed air.

$800 seems very inexpensive, I wonder what price an overhaul kit is ?

I have taken apart and assembled BW8s a few times, its pretty exacting and time consuming

I noticed the reverse band is usually very worn for some unknown reason

I intend to rebuild a 4 speed auto that has also lost reverse

been watching a few of this guys vids

cant help admire his awesome expertise

6L80/6L90 transmission ITS NOT LOOKING GOOD… - YouTube

Did that a few times: no joy, in R.

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