Question Alignment

Having some trouble getting this thing aligned. It is veering off to the right. Been to 2 shops and not getting anywhere. seems the rear has no adjustment. Any suggestions as to what the proper alignment settings should really be? thx

Knowing what is under the car would be a help, is it an XJ6 or other IRS or a solid axle?

Hi Blair…if you ask a question then give us details on what car your talking about…I,ll assume its Heritage Realm. C type…diy build…the Realm is “typically” xj6 based…xj6 front upper wishbone…Jag Mk2 lower wishbone…xj6 upright E type hubs…coil overs on front…rear is xj6 but shortened drive shafts and shortened wishbones…and a single coil over…but all very dependant on what the builder used…standard type camber shims between rear disc and driveshaft…no adjustment at rear for toe but its possible to toe in rear by shimming the diff mount brackets…front toe adjustable at the steering rack track rod ends…camber by shims at upper wishbone…castor by upper balljoint shims…So no one set of alimnments fits all…A very experianced engineer/Realm owner that i know that has a lot of miles driving and modifying his realm has 0 camber 0 toe and minimum castor…this is on 185R16 Avon turbosteel tires…basically as a diy build car it down to use it and adjust to get the best out of it…note front/rear shocks/springs look the same but are different…it nit impossible to fit them the wrong way around…Steve… PS you had new tires fitted recently…im assuming you on wire wheels…how did the shop balance them…you need special cones for wire wheels…allign the car yourself with a “string box”…its not difficult as you will need to alter it till you find the best for your build

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Dang Steve, I’m going to just start reading your replies across the forum as I try to learn a bit about the Realm/Heritage Engineering cars :sweat_smile:

I’m about to post a separate question about brakes but your reply above did wonders for helping me learn how to phrase it.


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Hi Andrew…if you want more info on Realm builds then have a look at this forum…started a few years ago by a friend of mine but unfortunatly didnt get enough intetest…but its still running…i staryed posting quite a bit on my build but stoped when there wasnt much of a following…anyhow its worth a look…Steve Replica Jaguar Forum