Question for Canadians on daytime running lights

On my X Type, the daytime running lights (the exterior lights) don’t come on when I start up. I am wondering if there is a relay for the daytime running lights that isn’t working or was mistakenly replaced.

most likely more than one relay for the lights which generally get power from the headlight switch, check associated fuses, would be strange to have all relays die

The lights work when the parking lights/head lights switch is turned on. With the switch on, the tail lights and side lights come on and the head lights come on when the engine is started. This is not the problem.

With the switch in the off position, the head lights, side lights and tail lights should come on when the engine is started. This is how Jaguar met the Canadian requirement for daytime running lights. In my case the lights don’t come on when fired up and I need to turn them on manually.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m speculating that in the past, someone may have replaced a relay with the wrong part.

Have you had the car since NEW?
Maybe someone configured the car to something like US spec?

Many features can be configured with WDS/IDS.

I used to get the sales person and customer to the shop when I did a PDI on a SOLD unit.
I gave the customer the opportunity to configure the car the way they wanted.(DTR lights, mirror ‘dip-in-reverse’, chirp on locking etc.)

ControlModuleProgramming.pdf (857.3 KB)

Been a long time since I worked on NEW CARS but thought this might help.

I’m the third owner. The car was bought new from the local dealer. When I bought it the daytime running lights weren’t working. Is this something that is configurable by the dealer? I always assumed that Can spec cars came from the factory per-configured.

It SHOULD have been configured from the factory but anyone with a proper diagnostic computer can change things.
I have 2 WDS and 2 IDS machines so I can change anything that the dealer can change. (I used to work at the dealer)

Never worked on a Canadian X400 so I don’t know how they are configured from new.(I live in Texas USA)

I bought my 2002 X-Type from Victoria, Canada and imported it to the US a few years ago. It had the Canadian spec daytime running and headlights from the factory. I just bought an American headlight switch and changed it out. I did not have to do any computer or relay work at all. I think I still have the Canadian headlight switch. If you want, I can send it to you to try switching it out.

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That would be nice of you.

I’ll try to look for it tomorrow.

I got the package in the mail today. I haven’t looked at it yet, but will do so on the weekend.


Grahame Loader

Thanks for confirming that you received the switch. I can’t remember if it is possible, or how difficult it would be to try to lay on your back in the driver’s footwell and reach up to disconnect the plug and temporarily connect the new switch to see if it will do the trick. It might save you the trouble of removing your current switch, but I am pretty sure the switch I sent you was from my originally Canadian spec car with the daytime running headlamps; it worked as designed when I removed it.