Question for those who have a JT5 in their S1

I’m told that with a JT5 you do not need the rear engine stabilizer in a S1. Anyone running without one attached?

I’d say NO! I just ran a rather fast jag event with a former jag factory mechanic. He heard some banging when we went over uneven pavement. It turns out that my rear trans mount needed another 1/4 " shim to keep the output flange from hitting the cross member. He has seem failures when this happens. I think the rear engine stabilizer helps keep the engine and trans centralized and of course more stable.

Of course the JT5 trans mount is much more stable than the original spring loaded version, but I’d make everything as stable as possible.

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I agree with Michael. I tried it in my coupe without the stabilizer and had too much movement involving banging on the cross member to be tolerable. Reinstalling the stabilizer got rid of most of it, but again like Michael re shimming was necessary to get rid of it all.

I have mine fitted. The box is drilled to accept the brackets.

Thanks to all for your comments. I have been running w/o the stabilizer and actually I have eliminated one small noise when I went over ruts. I also had a severe thump after I installed the JT5 but the spacer solved that. BTW----how many shims did you add—I added only one.

I added 1/4 inch to remove the clunking over road issues. Not sure if I had any shims in there before. Due to previous subframe issues, I never pushed the car and so few of any chunks. Now with new subframes, etc. I participate in jag events and really push it (Italian rules apply - speed limits are mere suggestions). The clunk is now gone.

As I recall, the stabilizer is tightened without impacting engine position, NOT tightened so as to lift the engine rear.1

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I think the stabilizer also keeps the engine from twisting under torque.

Micael, wen you added the second shim, did you use the same bolt or get a longer one?

The old bolts seemed to be long enough. Paul seemed to imply that it was designed to be shimmed.

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thanks-----I just finished adding the 2nd shim. had to drop the mufflers in order to get to the bold correctly. Pain in te butt!

what do you mean by the “box is drilled to accept te brackets”? Are you talking about the shims? If so, all they do is for i between the tranny base and the “mounting plate” and the bolt runs thru that plate into the base of the tranny.

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