Question on 2001 XKR possible purchase

I am looking at a low mileage (66,000) 2001 XKR convertible to buy. It has some items that need addressed but I don’t think any of the “minor” items are deal breakers. The one thing that does give me pause is noise coming form the super charger. One can clearly hear gear noise and it is coming from inside the super charger. It reminds me of when my guys let the oil run low in my worm gear power saws and you can hear gear chatter.
Does anyone have any insight on this ? Is it normal, critical, lubricant being low, possible maintenance item or a major expense ?

It isn’t normal. These Eaton supercharger units (in this case, a M112 unit) are very durable and very rarely fail, especially at only 66,000 miles. Usually these things go well over 100,000 miles without issues.

If the sound is like marbles rattling around in the casing, then it likely is the supercharger coupling. This is the closest thing to a wear component. A couple hundred $ for the part plus labor.

If not, then you’ll need to have it diagnosed. Last time I looked replacement or rebuilt superchargers were not terribly expensive - and they can be rebuilt, around $1,000. Not cheap, but not horribly expensive either. Labor for removal and refit will add to the cost if you’re not a DIYer type.


That is exactly how it sounds. My son gave the same description to me this morning. Thanks for the insight. I can now proceed with an putting together an offer.


As dave said, Its a pretty much bullet proof car in 2001.
The pulley or coupling or LOW oil in the snout is the issue from what you described.
Also if this is a convertible, PLEASE PUT THE TOP UP AND DOWN.
They are known for BLOWING the pressure hoses for the top when they get old.
The hoses don’t cost much BUT they run under the RUGS of the car!
If one blows…you have to replace all the carpet and padding as that gear oil will stink to high heaven.
Great ar…Good luck

The oil has most likely never been changed in the supercharger. A blown line on the convertible top is one of the issues. Replacing the carpet and pad I can do but there is cost associated with the material.

That’s how we get the car for peanuts…….New I recall 123,000?
Now maybe 25 grand? What are they looking if its mint, not mint its a 15 grand ebay special.
Great car.
Wow just looked them up, they tanked to 11 or 12 grand…If your in that range, just buy it…its worth every dime just in style…ALSO CHECK THE DASH IF THE WOOD IS MILKING UP.

I am definitely going to make an offer. If I do get it, it has to go into climate controlled storage until I finish a couple others and sell them off. I sure do wish The Wuhan hadn’t come along. It would be a much easier decision from a financial point of view.

We all understand…I think you can make a wu han low ball offer they will take it!
Cars of this caliber are becoming a Horse in the 1930’s, not needed but wanted.
tell him 9 grand youll be happy.

Well, I made the plunge. I bought the 2001 XKR convertible. I now have to figure out where I am going to put it. I’m not going to use it until next spring. I want to go through the entire car and do all maintenance. I found out that the guides and tensioners have been replaced. I will now also have to finish up the major maintenance on my 2000 XK8. I have to sell it to make room for the XKR. Thanks for the input. It definitely helped.

Hi Steven,

As you ready your new XKR, here are some things to consider:

  1. Store it in a climate controlled warehouse or storage unit. Climate control is the main key, and, you can use a soft
    interior cover at less cost. The British cover offered by Welch, Inc. will fit tight as long as the side mirrors are folded in.
    They say it won’t fit, but it does on mine. Looks great in my climate controlled garage. Don’t let in get wet, it will bleed!!!
  2. If storing it under a cover outside, be mindful of your cities regulations regarding parking on the street.
    Clean and polish it well, choose a high quality outdoor triple cover.
  3. Make planes to charge the battery at least once a month, especially during cold times.
    Better to drive it once a month when the weather cooperates.
  4. Make sure to put in winter coolant (circulated) and use an antifreeze windscreen cleaner for winter.
  5. Have or get a current handbook for all the do’s and don’ts for storage.
  6. And finally, get a complete system diagnosis printout from a dealer or reputable Jaguar specialist. Worth every penny!

Good Luck, you’ll really like this one over your 2000 XK8,


Bob Allen
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Stephen, Congrats!, you can leave it with me :slight_smile:
Ill run it and make sure its running good. After about 10,000 miles ill give you a full report:)
good luck

The car is an original 66,000 mile car. I do have to do some things to bring it up to snuff. I’m going to change the oil in the super charger, replace all 8 coil packs, replace the hydraulic lines for the top, and change out the carpet and pads. There was a catastrophic blow out of one of those lines. I am also going to go over the entire car and check the usual, bushings, do fluid changes, belts, etc. I also have to give the paint a good buffing out. It had been left uncleaned for a bit. I am hoping that the car is what I anticipate and that there aren’t any major maintenance items required. I do know some of the suspension parts can be pricey.

Just get the tensioners and motor mounts as well, you will be done for a long time.
ps I told you about the hoses:) but for what your paying , enjoy the car.

I’ve done some research and apparently seasoned Jag mechanics all seem to have the same opinion, change the octopus hose under the intake after a failure. The one in my 2000 XK8 is, I believe, original and is 20 years old with 103,000 miles on it. I do however fully expect to go out to the car after this post to find that octopus hose fully failed.
I am picking the car up on Monday the 20th. I will try to post photos.