Question on color?

I am definitely a newbie in this world so forgive me if this is an obvious question. Does the value of the car diminish if it is repainted in different,( but original for a '67), jag color?

That’s a tough question: some people are absolute sticklers for "factory "colors, and others don’t really care. My advice is as always, paint it the color you want.

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I would posit first that, if the car is for yourself and you plan to keep it for while, paint it to the factory color that appeals to you. Many do so. Few come back here whining about a loss in value.

But I would also say that with the cost of paint and bodywork being what it is, if you change the color and want to do it right, you will most likely be stripping the entire car down to bare metal so you can paint everything your new color. That is going to have its own additional cost.

I’m sure others will chime in but I think it’s a toss up.

I agree. It’s your car, paint it the color that best pleases you.

As to original color vs non-original. That is going to depend on the following:

  • The color itself: Some colors are more popular than others and will probably command a higher price.
  • Provenance: Was it the first or last of a particular series or special in any way like a factory show car or owned by someone famous. If so then original is probably worth more.
  • To whom are you selling it: I, for example am not fond of silver, gray, black and white . Reds and some greens, on the other hand get my attention. Given two cars of equal quality I’d pay more for the red one. It’s a matter of personal taste, there is no right or wrong. Get the right buyer in the room and I’d bet you could even sell a Mary Kay pink E-type.

I repainted mine dark blue as it was originally so. How ever new paint is not the same color as original paints…just close enough.

Had the car been a color I disliked then I would have had it repainted black. As, IMO, the best color for an e type.

Wiggles if you’re going with a suggestion, can we agree on poiple?
Where is Tweety today by the way? I hope you keep in touch?

Poiple? Nah! I wike Bwitish Wacing Gween.

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Last I knew, it resided in Zurich… and I’ve not heard a word, since fall of 2016.

Is it still purple? …

Not a clue. They put a quiet, stock exhaust on it: at that point, it ceased being Tweety.

It’s now just another E Type.


That’s kind of a shame. I remember when I was a new member at JL’s. I always enjoyed reading your comments. You always sped the crowd up but I always enjoyed your banter. I think I asked you way back when , why did you have a purple e-type. I thought you responded that it was a colour from a ford.
Thank you for making me feel welcome Paul.

It was indeed a color from Ford called “Thistle,” which was the closest I could find to what it has been painted before, and she got it painted that way because, at the time, the car was my mothers.

She was a force of nature who always went in different directions, and one of those directions was to paint her E Type purple, or as she said in her Bronx accent, “poiple!”


Speaking of colour , I this e-type at the. Brit car show on the weekend . Its a very early 1971
series III. Believe it or not its primrose yellow.
When you get up close it has a wrap on it.


Wow–this solves the problem. My car is primrose yellow and I’ve been wondering if I could wrap it and preserve the original color! Do you happen to know what color this wrap is?

Unfortunately I don’t. I just briefly talked to the gentleman that owned the car at the car show. I will say one thing though, I didn’t suspect it was a wrap until he mentioned it. He even opened the bonnet , I didn’t see a spec of yellow paint anywhere. Totally had me fooled.


I had no idea wraps were that good.

You think the owner was just pulling your leg??

A friend of mine just bought a 2017 F Type - a dark metallic red. Spectacular paint job - extraordinary gloss, absolutely no hint of orange peel anywhere. I was gobsmacked by it’s quality - then she said it’s wrapped - clear. Amazing!

Wait a minute. Are you saying he wrapped the engine frames, picture frame, bonnet frame, bulkhead, the underside of the bonnet, and the visible inside sections of the rockers? If so, I call, to quote Click and Clack, “Booogus”.

I guess I didn’t get out my magnifying glass to inspect, I took the gentleman at his word, bust he did mention he had a couple of minor blisters bubbles issues so I left it at that. But I’ll attach a couple of photos with the bonnet raised. I just looked at the bottom sill and didn’t see any yellow paint.
Also I’ve attached the serial number as well. Surely you e-type experts can decipher what colour the car left the factory in. He said it was a very low number (16 ) V-12 cars to leave the factory.