Question Re: Defroster Temp

Back when we had our last cold snap here, I had noticed something about Superblue’s HVAC system that for some reason I had not noticed ever before. After the engine gets warmed up to temp., if I turn the fan selector switch to “defrost” the air that comes out of the dashtop vents is warm, even if the temp. selector knob is in the “blue” (i.e. cool) setting range. :open_mouth: Is that normal function for defrost? What that means is that if the weather is not cold but I need the defrost function for some reason I’ll have to endure the warm/hot air blasting into the interior though the defroster vents. :angry: Or, I guess I could use the button (“demist”?) to put some air through the defrost vents using the other fan selector (i.e. speed) settings, but there is not nearly the volume moved there as when in “defrost” mode. btw, I don’t think there is a heater value issue at hand, b/c I replaced the valve with a new (OEM brass type, btw) one just a couple of years or so ago.

Yes standard to have warm air to defrost, works better than cold air to defrost a cold screen.