I am on a number of other forums here and I’d like to get some information about a MKI transmission.
What type manual transmission (manufacturer) was used ? Were all gears synchronized ? I am sourcing a four speed with Laycock OD.

Expect it would be the Moss box. First gear non synchro and “straight cut” with characteristic whine. E types had Moss boxes from '61 to '64. Mark 2 cars and other Jags had the same box until the all synchro box came onto the scene from '64. Laycock overdrives were fitted to all cars as an option except the E type. Paul.

If anyone is interested there is a MKI 3.4L four speed manual with OD and 60,000 available near me.

Where are you and how much do they want?

Loveland, Colorado USA

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I’m just outside Pittsburgh. $ 900.00 plus S & H.

Oh, you’re just referring to the transmission! My read of your initial post was there was a car for sale.
Loveland, Colorado, USA