Questionable quality of new engine parts

I’m making progress on the 3.8 engine rebuild, but running into more difficulty with replacement parts. I was going to install the chain tensioner today and found it deficient. The tensioner body should have a machined bushing that presses into the hole in the block which houses the filter cone. The part, carrying Jaguar/Land Rover proprietary logo on the box, but no manufacturer’s stamp did not have this bushing. This was not a cheap part, now selling for about $100 (if there was any stock - there isn’t). There is a small drilling in this bushing which allows graded oil pressure/flow to the plunger, so this new piece had no regulation of oil flow - does it matter? See the photos below. I was not comfortable with this piece and reused my old plunger apparatus (Renold brand GB), which showed only minor shoe and plunger shaft wear.
I also removed the new upper chain dampers and reused the old because of the problems identified previously on this site.

You can see that the new chain damper on the left has the tight bend noted as a problem on previous discussions.
This is not making the job any easier, but at least I have a say in what goes in my engine, as opposed to just sending it off. Not my supplier’s fault - they sell what they can get, but I’ll be feeding back.

As per the chain guides: you’d be better off using the originals, if not too ossified/ chewed up.

IIRC, @Nickolas suffered a failure of the sharp-bent chain guides.

yes, I know. That’s why I changed them. To be fair to the manufacturers, the other two replacement guides looked fine and I used them instead of my worn originals.

You should be able to swap(swop?) the drilled dowel from the old unit to new one. There was a lengthy discussion about these tensioners several months ago, might shed more light on subject for you.

I posted several photos showing the differences in tensioner dowels produced.

Thanks, Lee, very helpful. I see that the absent dowel was previously noted and that it is very necessary. I did give the dowel in the old part a twist and it did not wish to give up easily. Rather than risk destroying it, I chose to reuse the whole part. In my opinion, it is not reasonable for a part to be supplied in this fashion. If so, it should at least be made abundantly clear that a transplant from the old piece will be required.