QUICK! 1988 XJS on EBay 29,000 Original Miles

Just found a 1988 XJS on Ebay with 29,0000 originsl miles that was in a climate control garage for several years. The car looks awesome! Bids are currently $6100 with less than a hour to go!


Are you the seller?!

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Inquiring minds want to know!

Not the seller, just found the auction.

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Nice car, but lots of servicing to catch up on. I certainly wouldn’t drive it on those original 32 year old tires or fuel injector hoses. If the new owner is handy and can do the work he might get a safe and reliable car for another $4,000. Still I have to wonder about what has gone on inside that engine with very old coolant.


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Sold at $7188…

I know nothing about the car but an old xjs can cost 10 or 20 grand in bills, very fast…
Looks nice though…fair price…
I take back what I said, I just read the story, it sat 20 years…okay 20 to 30 grand in bills in a heart beat…
Good luck.

and he did not change the 20 years old oil before he took it “cruising at 75mph many times in the last couple weeks”… he just added another 29.000 miles on the odometer.

Sold …wonder if it was a member who bought it

Looks like after a furious bidding war (72 bids!) it went for a little more than $7K, which would ordinarily seem kinda high for that old of a coupe model, IMHO. But this one was indeed in FINE condition, looks like. I would be kinda leery though why it has so few miles on it in 32+ years. That’s less than 1K per year. :grimacing: