Quick advice of couple issues 2004 Xtype


i see i have a windshield washer reservoir tank leak, as its emptied out. Looks like the only way to it
is through the fender well.? Im thinking about just repair, maybe epoxy or super glue, its a very slow leak.

I also have water in passenger floorboard, after a hard rain. I have determined its not antifreeze, nor from the air conditioner. I have seen a post, i need to check for debris under the cowl, and their might be a type flashing piece that can divert water from the pollen filter box where is most likely comes from…
any help appreciated.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Epoxy might work but doubtful, super glue almost definitely not.
You could try JB weld with a piece of ally plate, failing that what about a replacement? You might find that the same year Mondeo is the same shape.

(David Jauch) #3

If a pinhole, melt it shut with a soldering iron before messing around with epoxy.