Quick tachometer wiring question

I’m trying to untangle an ancient wiring mess that predates my ownership, kind of a 30 year anniversary surprise. Can someone tell me what should be the correct physical routing of the white wire between tach & coil on my '69?

Which part?

From what I can tell the wire enters the bundle of wires that sits on the tray like conduit that sits at the top of the driver’s kick panel. It passes through that large grommet by the voltage regulator and travels down the loom that is strapped to the left frame rail and goes across the picture frame and then travels back down the right frame rail to its termination around the temp sending unit and oil pressure sending unit.

Follow the blue highlighter

Somewhere in there… I was afraid of that. I’m going to be unwrapping a bunch of electrical tape tomorrow.

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Ok, on my ‘69 the white wire is spliced to a black wire and bundled with a white/black striped wire. This what was confusing me. I assume I will find the other end of the white/ black somewhere around the distributor. According to the available diagrams, this would be correct for a ballasted ignition, but on my non ballast car, the W/B wire should have been white/red. Not sure if this was a factory thing, as the wiring harness has been re wrapped. The car has had a long succession of non standard ignition kits, both before and after it was mine. I’m trying to make the wiring cleaner after decades of letting it go until next time…