Quite nice video clip. Lyon's grandson and XJ6

(Paul) #1

Quite a nice little clip. Appears to be endeavoring to create a Jaguar video channel.
All the best to him.

Learned about his grandson for first time via a recent Classic and Sportscar Special Edition on Jaguar (September?)
Well worth getting imo.

His grandson is part owner and leading figure of a Jaguar specialty shop and obviously a genuine enthusiast.
Which is nice.
Recall reading Lyon’s lost his only son in an accident on his way to Le Mans.

Funny thing that caught my eye flipping though the clip is Lyon’s smile with the boy. Never seen him smile before within any photo.
Grandchildren seem to do that to everyone.

How nice it would be to attend such events.
Fwiw. It’s cold outside!

(PeterCrespin) #2

That was the annual concours at Hampton Court Palace. Last year there were half a dozen D-Types

Michael Quinn ran the Creamers dealership in Kensington, supplied and maintained the Royal Jags. I bought the only X305 XJ12 6.0L radiator anywhere in the UK dealer system from them, once the Queen had moved to V8s and had no need of it. Creamers was made up of series of linked small properties in converted ‘Mews’ carriage houses. When Jaguar Land Rover rolled out new corporate dealer specifications, Creamers could not fit the spec and have both brands, So they decided they couldn’t make the necessary large investment work for them and they opted to sell to a real estate developer.