R/Ring the Starter

Hi Guys,

I very rarely post on this forum of late b/c Harlem (my '00 XJ8) has been in hibernation for quite some time.

I did try to start her up last week though and nothing … Determined it was the starter, so I have bought a good used one to r/r with. The factory service literature indicates it should be a very straightforward, simple procedure (unusual for a Jag, I know :roll_eyes:) HOWEVER it shows also that supposedly the power steering rack has to be dropped first to provide sufficient maneuvering room for the procedure. Is it really necessary? Is there some way around it? :confused:

Did you try going in thru the wheel arch and using a large flat blade screwdriver to bridge the small and large wires to see if it cranks ?

Car in park. !

Did you check the power stud on the false bulkhead.
More likely a power problem than a starter. I do see the starter fail occasionally but wiring seems to be a common fault.

Removing the 4 rack mount bolts is easy and straight forward. Leave the column connected and just drop the right side down slightly for more room to withdraw the starter.

Interesting, and I don’t know about that, but will pass along to the person that supposedly determined the starter was bad. I had lent the car to a close F friend to drive for awhile and she had parked it at another friend’s (a guy who is supposedly car repair-savvy, but not a Jag man) house, and after it failed to start there he checked it out for her and made the determination. :thinking: Thanks guys! :smile:

Also check the MEGA-FUSE in the boot near the battery.
I have also found that many people don’t have the battery mounted in place and it can slide fore/aft causing the cables to loosen or dislodge?

Park switch can malfunction so do try ‘cranking’ in NEUTRAL as well as PARK.