Race tire shortage, general race parts shortage

Has anyone else recently experienced long wait times for race tires (end of August), other parts, or “bait and switch”? For example I recently ordered some Mickey Thompson ET Street SS road/track tires from JEGS (who I have been using for 20 years) with a shipment date of 5/21 for the rears and 5/25 for the fronts. Was also told by salesperson my account would not be debited until the item was shipped. This morning my account was debited for the full amount, and when I called to confirm shipment I was told they would not be shipped until end of August. Their website today shows these tires available in 24 hours for one set, and by 6/1 for the other. A customer service supervisor could not explain why they continue to advertise products that they know they cannot deliver. A call to Mickey Thompson main office confirmed no availability until late August.

My restorer has been having similar problems getting fuel cell, belts, and other assorted items delivered, while he has already paid the vendor. So this seems widespread.
I understand that Covid-19 shut down many manufacturers and vendors for a long time, and I am perfectly ok with being told something is not available, but I’m not OK with these advertising/billing practices. Has anyone else experienced this with this or any other vendor?

Not so much with car parts, but I have noticed this across-the-board with various places that I’ve done business with.

Most recently Jeg’s were supposed to send me front springs for the Jeepster, and after two months of waiting, I canceled the order.