RaceChip GTS Black - User Review


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(Gunnar Helliesen) #2

This is great! Very informative, an excellent writeup. Thank you!



Today I received a response from RaceChip to my sensor location question, sent about a week ago. At least they did get back to me with good information. Their attached photos nicely illustrate the MAPT sensor location as described above. There is also V6S info, quoted below.

Thank you for contacting the RaceChip Customer Service and please apologize for our late reply.

Please find in attached suitable installation pictures for the 5.0 supercharged engine. As you can see the provided harness must be plugged to the boost pressure sensor (Ladedrucksensor, A) and to the manifold pressure sensor (Saugrohrdrucksensor, B).

Should you require any more information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
You may simply reply to this message and a member of our team will get back to you.

F-Type 3.0_5.0_2.jpg
F-Type 3.0_5.0_3.jpg
F-Type 3.0_5.0_4.jpg
F-Type 3.0_5.0_5.jpg
Schritt1 5,0 V8 (1).jpg
Schritt1 5,0 V8 (2).jpg
Schritt1 5,0 V8 (3).jpg
Schritt1 5,0 V8 (4).jpg
Schritt1 5,0 V8 (5).jpg
F-Type 3.0_5.0_1.jpg

(Paul Wigton) #4

There may be soon a response to this, from a guy who’s done extensive and non-partisan work on the project of increasing F-Type hp: I drove his, and it is lightning fast.