[racing] 2016 Targa Tasmania April 11-16

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #1

Probably one of the best road races in the olde tradition of
the Targa Florio,Mille Miglia, etc. Find it on you-tube
again this year, JW–
86XJ-S cpes, Lutz stg.1-3, AAV service
Fresno, CA, United States
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(Robin O'Connor) #2

There is also Targa NZ, three events each year, 2 x 2 day and a 4 day event,

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #3

Thanks for the information, will look the Targa NZ up on U-tube if it is available. Do you participate in any of the racing? Best, JW

(Robin O'Connor) #4

I’ve been involved for the majority of the events held over the last 26 years but only in the head quarters running the results with my wife, done a little driver training on Pukekohe over the years in conjunction with Lotus and BMW clubs.
My eldest brothers’ partner used to be involved with Tasmania as a CRO, Jo Vettoretti, Graham was driving the luggage vehicle a few years ago.

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #5

Thanks for your reply, would like to see some video of the races if possible. You-tube or ??? Best, JW

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Yes there should be a few videos up now, the lead car for the Tour was the 5 litre V8 F type.