[racing] last of the Jaguar prints

Hey folks,

Had a couple of club folks suggest I post a quick note to a couple of lists
regarding the last of the Jaguar prints we had produced. We’re a marketing
services vendor to Jaguar and had produced a small set of prints focusing on
the D-Type, C-Type and Mark II 3.8. We produced a 40 set edition(plus some
artist proofs) of 4 matched prints each from four original gouache on board
paintings. Each print is about 18x22 and is hand numbered and signed by the
artist Jay Koka as well as being hand-titled and embossed for authenticity.
Further, each set of prints is a matched set with its title and edition
number also printed by hand. Each print is a Giclee and is printed on 100%
heavy acid neutral rag (museum quality). The majority of these sets of
prints went to Jaguar dealers building new facilities. We did a quick
emailing to some club folks and I wanted to post something here. We have 7
sets left and are selling them at wholesale so let me know if you are
interested and I can email you some images off-line along with the info. We
can also custom frame Just email me directly at @Eric_Friedman_Creati .
Figured with the last few matched sets of these prints, you guys should have
first crack at them.


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