[racing] new lister

I’m Jerry Oliver and am new to this J/L list. I have participated in the XK
list for several years, so I assuming some of you might have read prior
posts. I own 4 XK150s, and several other cars (some British). I have a '61
FHC, a relatively original car that is my driver, and I am restoring two
early '58 OTS. One is further along than the other. The 4th car is a '61
DHC, which is in need of restoration, and is waiting in storage until one of
OTS cars is done. I’m semi retired, but still run a small business here in
Olympia, WA, just south of Seattle. As a result, I’m fortunate enough to
able to work on the cars nearly every day. But, I’m probably one of the
slowest workers around. It took me 5 years to do my TR4A.

I am considering making the changes necessary to one of the OTS cars for
some sort of racing. It would be a gradual change, maybe a part at a time???
I am not looking to win anything, not even be competitive, just would like
to participate, in a gentlemanly like fashion. Exactly how, where and when,
I don’t know. I know nothing about this, and I mean nothing, so if anyone
would like to respond on or off list, I certainly would appreciate the time
and information. Any subject from the car itself, to classes and clubs,
safety, books, whatever. Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time out to
Best regards,
Jerry Oliver
Olympia, WA