[racing] Outboard disc brake swap X308 on an early XJ6

I found some fantastic information on this section of the forum about
relocating the disc brakes on a series III XJ6 IRS unit to being outboard by
using XJ40 or X300 parts. I really appreciated the info I found here so I
wanted to update it with some of my findings and share some pictures. I
got a set of X308 or 99 XJ8 hubs and half shafts asI could not find any
XJ40 or X300 parts. The swap is similar but a little different to the info I
found here.

From behind the only main differences between the X308 and XJ6 hubs are
the brake cable and the splash shield. From the front there are some
noticeable differences, the biggest of which is the the integrated parking
brake. According to the info the XJ40 hubs require a spacer between them
and the wish bone because the XJ40 hub is slightly narrower, but when I fit
the X308 hub in to the wish bone it was a nice tight fit just like the original
XJ6 hubs. The pins that connect the hub to the wishbone however are a
different size so I will either have to bore out the the bearing sleeve by .050
to accept the XJ6 pin, or machine some UHMW bushings to fit in the hub
in place of all the bearing parts and accept the bigger shaft. I am leaning
toward the second option.

Just like the info I found here the half shafts are the exact same length as the
XJ6 units but unlike the info the u-joints are the same. The cap size is the
same but the width of the u-joint is about 1/2’’ smaller. good news is I will
be able to use the new half shafts in their entirety. The 99 XJ8 differential
flange bolts up to the XJ6 diff so I will only need to make a spacer to take
up the space of the inboard rotor.

Thanks again for all the info I got here. Hope this info helps and can be of
some help to people. If you want any other info, measurements, or pictures
let me know.

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