[racing] some video of track-day action]

Man that looks like fun Andrew! I love how you chase the other cars
down again and again…

John Magee
454 '82 XJS

Andrew Robertson wrote:

Hi All,

posted some footage from the recent club meetings at Manfeild. It’s
pretty obvious from the footage that a brake upgrade is on the
horizon, and that the small-ish tyres on the car limit the ability
to power-down quickly out of turns - I’ve got to be going basically
straight before I uncork it.

Cheers, Andrew Robertson, New Zealand
Xj s1 454tt

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In reply to a message from John Magee sent Tue 25 Sep 2007:

Absolutely Awsome Andrew, worth it for the sound track alone. A
fair bit of wiper lift I note, but I suppose on a wet day you steer
through the side windows anyway so it doesn’t matter?–
Neville S1 XJ12
Christchurch, New Zealand
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