[racing] Transmission needed

(The Jag Man) #1

I am looking for a good quality 65-67 MOD from a sedan for my 66 MK
2 We would need digital photos of the unit and the topped opened
to see condition of the gears. Let me know approx. mileage and
condition of the tranny before removal. Don’t need any junkers.
Mine has metal filling in the oil which is the kiss of death.
Willing to pay for pallet shipping to Colorado 80537 Greyhound,
truck, donkey, etc!

The Jag Man
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(PeterCrespin) #2

In reply to a message from The Jag Man sent Thu 6 Aug 2009:

Since you are posting on the Racing forum, I have an excellent T5
long tail 5-speed out of a Mk2 for not a lot of money. Off-list if
interested. I already emailed you about the MOD option.

68 E-type OTS, 96 X305 XJ12
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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(Michael Rogers) #3

what do I NEED TO FIT A CHEV 5 SPEED TO A 3.4?? I presume I must find a bellhousing and then work out the starter teeth # etc.

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #4

…fabricate a drive shaft, speedo hookup… “build” the bellhousing (very complex three dimensional construction), drill flywheel to take clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing combination, rear motor mount fabricated, tunnel, tunnel cover mods… it ain’t easy.


A step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.

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(The Jag Man) #5

I bet you meant to send this to someone else on the list?


(Michael Rogers) #6

The BIG thing I see is the bellhousing is the first motion shaft long enough-- that’s on todays list, the rest is just mechanics My first thought is to see how much the various 5 speed floggers want for one and see if I have a spare bellhousing that a decent shop could modify if it’s over my head. that will eliminate 90% of the problems: same flywheel, clutch, and actuation–even look the same from up top. Inevetably someone has gone that road already. My laythe is able to hold the driveshaft while it’s modified as necessary etc.

(Michael Rogers) #7

Hi LLoyd;

I’ve removed the bellhousing to cast iron tranny and lightly pounded on the BH to separate them to no avail–pound HARDER??

(The Jag Man) #8

Who is lloyd?


(PeterCrespin) #9

Why not an overdrive? Just the same cruising as a five speed and a cool James Bond switch on the shift knob. Best of all, totally Jag parts and workshop manual described. Bell, flywheel, starter, gearbox, center console for about $1500? Try getting a five speed for that. Contact me off list if interested.


(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #10

Can’t believe I’ve missed this… sorry. As I recall… the bell housing/tranny interface is held on by 4 bolts accessed from inside the housing. Then the two pieces almost fall apart. I wonder if some unscrupulous P.O> did a spot weld?

(Michael Rogers) #11

PO had sealed it with hard setting permatex or such instead of a paper gasket (I presume) now on with the project! I always try and get another opinion before retorting to drastic measures–saves buying new bits needlessly destroyed!