Rack and pinion steering in a 120

(peder) #1

I have a standard 120 ots with its stock steering box, and a 120 fhc which came with a well executed rack conversion. They feel very different on twisty roads, but what I don´t get is why my 140s (with their rack and pinion boxes) feel so different to the 120 with the rack conversion…?


(Brian Ternamian) #2

Hi peder, I have been looking in vain for someone with an XK120 rack steering system so I can evaluate whether or not To try and do it to my FHC. All I get are arguments against it. That may be what I decide, but without cogent and accurate info I have no way to decide.

If you are willing, I would love to get pictures and measurements of your system.

Since this seems to appeal to almost nobody, perhaps you can send whatever you care to to my email - alphajag@att.net

I look forward to hearing from you as the lone person who has any avowed knowledge of this.

Best regards, Brian


(peter balls) #3

Peder the difference in feel might be that the 120 FHC rack is mounted direct to the chassis,
and the 140 rack has standard rubber mounts.
Peter B.