Radiator cooling fan

I have to replace the radiator cooling fan on my 05 jag s type v6 . I cannot find a mechanic that will do it . They have all said it is to much work or to complicated… so I am going to attempt this by my self. I have no choice. Is it really that hard of a job? Any suggestions. Thanks.

Hi Randy. Welcome to Jag Lovers.
Sorry I missed this post but I have replied through mine.
Oh…I just noticed that yours is a V6…which I’m not familiar with. I guess the fix may be similar?
Anyway, I’m still happy to share my experience if you’re not put off by the job.
Dave. 2002.5 - 4.2 : V8

Have you got the manual?

I also received this from member Motorcarman in 2017

I uploaded my copy of the Jaguar Engine Repair Course 168 I obtained when I went to Jaguar training a dozen years ago. It is on the internet on another Jaguar forum as well as Gus’s site, jagrepair dot com.It is a large file so it might take a while to download.

Thank you so much. This will definitely help.