Radiator hose problem 88 coupe

Anybody ever had the bottom hose rub a hole in it…mine did. …is there any kind of shield for it. We found some tie straps around the old hose…while i am waiting for the new hose i think i’ll add the flush T in heater hose.

Yes. You can correct by shortening the hose. Just trim the end a bit at a time.

just curious, where and how does a hole get made in that hose? I just removed mine last weekend, and saw no holes or rubbings.

If you have to replace the lower rad hose, don’t use the OEM molded hose. Instead use a flex hose. There is one that fits perfectly, including having a 90 degree elbow at one end. Flex hoses are far superior to molded hoses because they have rigidity built in, you don’t have to rely on that sorry steel wire coil to prevent them from collapsing. And if the steel wire coil isn’t in there, it can’t rust to pieces and fill your cooling system with bits of rusty wire.

Hmmmm, the lower molded hose I took off wasn’t bad, no metal coil inside, and new molded one is cotton reinforced with no metal.
I’ve never had issues with molded, as long as I buy good brand and replace every 10 years.

There is a bolt head which is really close the the outside of the first elbow from the connection to the radiator. It misses by a bit when cold but damn well rubs when warm and expanded. I fixed it exactly as Norm suggested which moved the hose wall from the vicinity of the bolt head.

The first time you do, it’ll be when the engine boils over. The pump sucks the hose flat. That’s why it needs the coil. If you don’t have one, get one.

My hose was rubbing on a bracket that holds suspension part about half way up the hose diameter, to the back

Sway bar bracket…was culprit

Hose repaired…it was old and swelled up a bit…therefore allowing it to rub on car.