Radiator identification

Can anyone please identify this radiator. It is a MK2 platform radiator. I have not seen this type. Notice the coolant inlet tube is short and straight as opposed to longer and angled as on most MK2’s I have seen Thanks. Bob

See this on the net , guy restoring a 1962 3.8 !

Thanks. I have searched many MK2, 340 and MK1 photos on the internet. This is the first detailing a straight inlet tube. Could you provide an address? I would like to contact the poster and see if I can get a photo of the head/coolant manifold. Again thank you. Bob


Thank you. I remember seeing that site but did not recall the radiator photo. I believe he has abandoned the project. I will attempt to contact him for a photo of the coolant manifold. The radiator I have and the one pictured are the only ones I have seen. Thanks.

This looks the same to me , would think its just a diffrent top hose :thinking:

The question is what angle, if any, the pipe on the coolant manifold has. If it is straight therefore parallel to the inlet pipe on the radiator it makes sense. If it is angled inward as well as upward, as shown in my photo, it does not make sense to me. The most recent photo you posted. Where was it from? Model?

BTW. I had this same discussion with SNG Barratt. With these photos forwarded to the representative, no explanation. Including a hose recommendation.

Your like this , the car is 3.8 , prepared by Coomb’s :thinking:

I just reviewed the “Original Jaguar MK1 and MK2” Nigel Thorley. It appears that the early cars pictured did not have a short straight radiator inlet tube. But did have the correct convoluted rubber hose. I would not want to invest in a radiator rebuild until I am satisfied with the compatibility of the rdaiator and the coolant manifold. Keeping in mind the manifold was included with a replacement 3.4 I purchased to bring the car back to original specification.

Did you see this bit , did they change the hose because they changed the top hose inlet :thinking:

Your Chassis number may tell you ,

Unfortunately my engine is not original to the car. Original engine KH7201-8. Now KJ9203-8. Chassis no. 178718. 3.4 liter.

Do you think a convoluted hose is not compatible with the higher 9 pound pressure cap? Would the higher pressure expand the convoluted portion of the hose?

I would not know truth be told , I would have thought a convoluted hose would be ok , would thought a standard hose would fit too !

I would buy a hose and see if it fits but the radiator is at the rebuilders. I will have it shipped back as no sense rebuilding it given the hose issue. In addition, I could try the radiator original to the car. That is here. I prefer the pictured radiator for its top tank. Same header size but a wider tank. Thought it better for flow.

It appears the pictured top hose would be compatible with a radiator with the angled inlet pipe. Which is the most prevalent design.

I have been giving some thought to having a standard water configured to a high capacity pump. There are high performance impellers available. I believe I could locate a company willing to undertake the design and execution. Thoughts?

May be worth getting a up rated core , I am pleased I did !

I would like to do that. I would be cautious as i consider the fin spacing is important. Too tight and air flow would be impeded. Primarily at low speeds and stopped. Standard recore 112 tubes and 29 fins. High efficiency 144 tubes 37 fins. I will give that some thought. This is my original radiator. It appears same as yours. Tank may be narrower. Not sure.

My top tank is wide , later 240/340

another vantage point. Car as purchased. Keep in mind that the engine is a 4.2 from a 1970 e type. This was an aborted engine swap. I have the engine and would like to buy a 1970 e type coups that needs an engine.