Radio bulbs for 1996 xk8

does anyone know where i can get 2 blue bulbs with brown bases for my 1996 xk8 coupe

s-l500 (9)

Isn’t the blue part just a cap that you can pull off and fit on the new bulb? If not, buy uncoloured ones and use glass paint to colour them blue. That’s what I do with the radio dial lights.

tried pulling out but no.anyway i do need two brown based ones.
i bought two blue off ebay but turned out they were black based and bigger than the ones i needed.
so they are different brown based ones…any ideas where i could get them.

I don’t know where to find exact replacements. Bulbs for radios always need a lot of research as there are so many different types. If you are definitely sure that they are incandescent and not LEDs, I would seek an alternative solution. If it looks like you can get the bulb out of its holder I would replace it with a wire ended bulb and then paint it. If you don’t think you can achieve this, then solder a wire ended bulb into the socket and hold it in place with a dab of silicone adhesive.