Radio code 1992 xjs

I am looking into purchasing a 1992 v12 xjs.It comes with the cd changer in the trunk,the problem is that no one knows the radio code.Does anyone know how I can obtain this code.Thanks a lot Terry Spoor

3 of 4 of my XJSs had the code written on the radio. Worth pulling it out and taking a look.

Alternatives include…. The dealer, or Jaguar Heritage.

Years ago when I was at the dealer and performed PDIs, I would ‘scratch’ the RADIO CODE into the bonnet underside near the latch peg (very small).

A few times someone would call the shop phone from another shop and ask if I knew the code?

I would tell them they needed the radio serial number and call the service desk. Then I would tell they WAIT!!! Look at the upper left side under the bonnet for a 4 number code scratched in the paint.

A few times somebody would say ‘I FOUND IT!!!’ Thank You!!!

Worth a look because a few of us did that!!

I started doing it because I saw the code that someone had scratched and thought WHAT A GOOD IDEA.

It has been mentioned many times before on Jag-Lovers that the Jaguar dealerships have the radios codes and that if you bring them proof of ownership they will provide you with the codes if you pay a small fee. I have never done this myself but it is certainly worth your time to contact your nearest dealership and ask them about this.


(what Paul #2 said :+1: )

It would be interesting know if Jaguar dealers still have this info for older cars. You’d think there would be a point where…eventually… corporate Jaguar no longer makes the data base available to dealers.


I do know one of our local dealerships (Park Place Jaguar by DFW Airport) does have the older key cut codes for Jags. When I lost the keys for my 2000 XJ8 about a year or so ago they were able to come up with the code, once I showed them proof of ownership (title). I had also asked them about radio codes if I should buy a good used one for Superblue and it didn’t come w. a code, and they seemed to indicate they could do similarly for it.