Radio code bypass?

2001 xk8. Anyone know how to bypass a radio code? Someone accidentally disconnected the battery and it went into lockdown, and code I have doesnt work.


I doubt that you’d be able to bypass the code. I don’t know if the Jaguar is the same but I had the same problem with a Honda Accord. I had to contact the dealer with the serial number of the radio and they were able to provide the code. Now, the problem is - How do you find the serial number without taking out the radio? Maybe with the VIN number, they can give you the code.

Thank you for your reply. I did pull the radio out to get the serial number, only to have Jaguar USA tell me they go by the VIN, which did not produce the right code anyway. I just found a used radio online and it’s on the way. Hopefully it plugs right in and has the correct matching code!