Radio codes usage

I never bothered to use the radio codes when I acquired my XJ6 a couple of months ago. Are the codes used to reset / program the radio? I ask because the aerial does not rise when I switch the radio on as explained in the owner’s manual, and I’m not getting any stations. Initially I assumed that the aerial was not functioning, but now I consider that perhaps it would function if the codes were added. I haven’t had time to read up on this as I am a rather focused driver who seldom uses the radio. Thank you.

When you switch on the radio, does the display show --CODE-- or not?

The radio code is used when the vehicle has lost battery power or the battery has been replaced.
You will probably find that the aerial is stuck or possibly the fuse has blown.
Do you hear the aerial motor when you switch the radio on, if so then try pulling on the aerial mast to try and free it up. Once out it can then be cleaned and lubricated.

Hello abercanadian and Jimbov8, Thanks for your input. I verified that “CODE” doesn’t appear, just a station readout on the display and static over the speakers. I can’t seem to hear the aerial attempt to raise, but probably it can’t hurt to wiggle it as best I can in case it IS jammed. I have seen a video on youtube regarding do-it-yourself replacement, but it looks to be more complicated than my skills are capable of doing properly. Many thanks for your comments! -Phil

You should add your model year and VIN to your profile as these cars have different antennas depending on year. You could have either a Hirschman or a Harada fitted.

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Where do you get the code to unlock your radio? The reason i ask is that i suspect that if i purchase a used example that most likely the radio codes that are kept in the owners manual might be long gone. Few owners are diligent enough to keep them over the life of the car notwithstanding that most are on their 3rd or 4th owner by now. Can the dealer still provide the radio codes this many years later? Any other sources to obtain them?