Radio dead? Or something else?

Hi all,

I’m new to the XJS, having recently acquired a 1992. The prior owner had installed a battery cut off switch due to the headlights remaining on at all times. I removed the headlight module which solves this issue (but have no headlights). Once I find a new module I should be all set.

Question is related to the radio. It does not request a code when I turn the key, turn on the radio. The only sign of life is the blinking security LED. I read here the code prompt could take up to 90 minutes? That was in another thread where a speaker was malfunctioning.

Could it be something else? Like a dead radio? Would I still get the blinking security LED?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Greg,

Radios I know have a constant power source and an ignition on source.
If the ignition on source has no power the radio assumes that the ignition is off.
Either the cable, or its fuse, or the radio does not recieve power via the ignition key / corresponding relay. Start there, good luck!


If radio has power and needs code …it may say code on front…never heard of 90 minutes to do it…sounds ridiculous.
… _ _ _ … (Code?)

Yeah, it is not prompting for a code at all. Maybe not getting power but the fuse is good.

Can anyone explain how to remove the radio? I don’t want to break the faceplate that has the AC controls. Looks like that needs to come off first?

I should mention also the prior owner had removed the power antenna from the trunk. there are a few connectors back there disconnected. One of them has about 20 wires going to it. Not sure if that is needed to complete the circuit but the wiring diagram did not show anything but a line fuse between ignition switch and radio.

I‘d pull the radio and check from there (you could bodge it with a wire from the fused side?). Sadly I don’t know how. Did your XJS come with a cd changer as option? That might be it. Don’t know about the antenna, maybe it is needed, maybe not but you‘d probably need one, so while you are in there…
I’d start at the radio. Hopefully someone has done the removal before.


It does have a CD changer in the trunk. It does not look like that has been messed with.