Radio Delete Picture

Do any of you have a radio delete in your XJ?
If you do can you take a picture and post it for me?

The parts I am interested in are BD. 34607 and BD. 17354. Below is a picture of the assembly manual showing these parts.


“radio delete” is an American term. Try “blanking plate” and you’ll get results like this:

Thanks John!

Search terms are key when searching the world.

By chance, when you search for a part number do you use the BD and do you use a space between the letter and the numbers?


Search for all combinations! There’s a few obscure Jaguar tools I’ve found that sellers sometimes list as JD.### JD### JD ### and I have saved eBay searches for all variations.

Now for a semi-related Corona boredom tangent…

“Professionally” as programmer, when something stumps us we rarely ask a coworker how to do it… we ask what we should google to find the answer. “I need a select statement to do DML via a function”. Oh go google a pragma autonomous_transaction… Can’t google it with out those magic words!

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Yeah, so, blanking plate.


I wanted to add more to this post in case anyone else is interested in this option…or lack of option. :laughing:

I looked through the brochures I have for Series 2 cars and found an interesting trend. All the pictures of the XJC’s had the radio blanking plate, while XJ’s (both 12 and 6) had a radio in the picture. I am not sure if this was planned or just coincidence.

Here are some pics of the brochures:

If anyone has this option in their car, please add a photo to this thread!

pic of 1978 XJS updated dash, Burlwood epoxy overlay!jag interior 001 ,

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I have the blanking plate in my 72 Series 1. I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow.

Jeff H.

@ronbros did you cut out holes in the burlwood overlay for the temperature and fan settings to be visible?

If so, what a fantastic level of detail!


I would find something that fits a phone or wallet. But of course the slot is a bit small.

@jahmiata and @davidsxj6

What material does the black vinyl attach to (part BD34607)? Is it metal, cardboard, or some other material? Is it attached with glue or staples?

It looks like there are a few businesses that carry the actual metal blanking plate (BD17354), but I have not found anyone who supplies the vinyl piece.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

If you look at the technical drawing, it must be made of metal, so my guess is that if you cut a steel, brass, stiff enough plate to shape, round off the corners a bit and insert (solder? peen?) two flat head carriage bolts or similar in, you can glue the vinyl into place and be done in an afternoon for a few $ as long as you found the right vinyl structure and a bit of backing so the bolts don’t show.
I have no idea if the plate feels soft or how deep it is. My photo is from Lyons‘ personal Series 1 that lives in the UK.


as for your original question: it looks like there’s no method behind the fact that coupé catalogues sport the blanking plate while sedan catalogues picture a radio. The early SII catalogue “The Jaguar XJ range” has two pics of the pertinent part of the interior and both have no radio, but the blanking plate instead.

The blanking plate for SII cars seems a bit higher than the one for SI cars. As their mounting was for the two-axle cut out usual in the days I’m afraid the original blanking plate wouldn’t cover the gap, if your heating cover was cut out to accommodate a DIN radio at some point in time. Then you’d either have to find an unmolested control panel or fabricate a slightly larger blanking plate.

I’d be confident to make up the vinyl cover using some padding and contact glue and use some rubber cover for the pins to make a friction fit of the vinyl part, but the rear part (BD.17354) looks like it was chromed. As you’ll see only the edges the finish of the plate fabricated from aluminium or stainless should be near perfect.

All in all I’d probably use a cheap tin plate and make the vinyl cover slightly larger to hide away the tin plate - not original, but certainly good looking.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)